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Hey. Gloria. Recently turned 21! British. Learning to fall in love with the Creator and his people.
"   If you obey God with your whole heart, you’ll usually scare off the folks who want you to obey them.   "
Meg Moseley (via godforeveryoureign)
"   We can hope that someone will love us, but in the end it must be a conscious choice, on our end, to love someone; To love them well, each and everyday.   "
T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via blissfulbeardsdoitbest)

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"   Don’t worry about having the right words; worry more about having the right heart. It’s not eloquence he seeks, just honesty.   "
Max Lucado  (via godmoves)

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Anonymous: How do you let go of a legalistic and religious mindset? How do you believe that God loves you no matter what? How do you walk in that love daily?


It took a long time, but I would suggest reading some really good books.  C.S. Lewis is great, Timothy Keller, I really love A Severe Mercy.  G.K. Chesterton is great as well.

I used to not think that God loved me, that I was unworthy, but you know what that really was?  It was pride, pride that I could say to God “No!  I am too much to handle!” and you know what He did?  He pointed me to the cross, I tried to look away, crying “I see now Lord!” and still, He would not let me look away.  My pride said that I was not worthy of love, but the pride of Heaven screamed in agony so that I may never have to experience rejection.  Pride robs us of love, robs us of the glory of Christ.

I am tired of hearing people say that they are not good enough, because it’s not about if we are worthy, but it is about if He is worthy; He is.

I walk in that love, because Christ walks with me.  We have our pride broken at the feet of the cross, and we start our walk at the tomb of Christ, when He greets us and calls us by name.  A life that walks with Christ, is one that knows that it will fall, it will fail and have moments of distance, but it will never truly die, because Christ is alive and the victory is His!

As Easter is coming, know that Jesus was ripped apart, so that we may be sewn together, Jesus was broken so that we may be fixed, Jesus was forsaken so that we may be found, and Jesus was put to death so that we  may be birthed into life.  Your ability to sin will never outshine Christ’s ability to forgive and restore.  The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will be to always having His praise on your lips.